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In an instant, a home or business invasion can shatter your world by putting people at risk,
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One of Colorado’s Oldest and Most Experienced Locksmith & Security Companies

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Colorado Security Products, Inc. gives you a fighting chance to protect your home or business by installing security systems in Denver & the Metro Area and taking other steps to ward off intruders and help up feel safe. Established in 1977, we are one of Colorado’s oldest and most experienced locksmiths and security companies. Locally owned and based in Lakewood, we have provided years of reliable service to Colorado homeowners and business owners.

Whether you need a locksmith, or simple security services such as re-keying a deadbolt, installing basic alarm systems in your home or business, or setting up an elaborate multi-camera system, you can trust us to find the best solution to meet your needs. This customized approach makes us the security company you will want to entrust with protecting your home or business and sets us apart from competitors.


Products And Services From The Best Manufacturers

At Colorado Security Products, Inc. we offer a diverse range of security products and services that are the latest, most progressive security technology solutions from the finest manufacturers. Our knowledgeable, professional technicians will work with you to find the best solution to address your concerns, whether it is alarm systems, security systems, access control panels, or Denver locksmith services.

Because security is a 24/7 concern, our prompt courteous technicians are always available for emergency service. Since the best approach to security systems is proactive, we invite you to give us a call for a comprehensive security evaluation so we can suggest a plan for you.

Locksmith Denver CO


Your security is our concern 24/7. Our technicians are on hand to provide emergency locksmith service in Denver and the Metro Area day and night. . For emergencies, call 303-756-1000!

Denver Auto Locksmith


If you ever lock your keys in the car, lose your keys, or break off a key in the ignition, we have auto locksmiths in Denver available 24/7.

Commercial Locksmith in Denver


Whether your security needs are simple or complex, we offer a combination of security systems, cameras, access controls systems, commercial locksmith services, and safes to protect your business.

Residential Locksmith Denver CO


You can feel safer in your own home, discourage home invasions, and protect your property with home security systems, locksmith services, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


When you want to protect valuables, money, documents or guns, you want a safe that lives up to its name. We sell only the best safes.

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Security Systems

We install and monitor top-of-the-line security system to safeguard your property, check for smoke and carbon monoxide, and alert the authorities that you need help.

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Security Cameras

In residential and commercial security, a picture is worth a thousand words. We offer a line of cameras to document activity inside or outside your home or business.

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Access Control Systems

We can help you manage the flow of people into different areas of your facilities with our line of expandable access control systems from our partner Kantech.

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