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Budget Safes – Affordable Security

We invest in the highest quality safes that are UL listed and rated. We can provide the best safe foe whatever you are looking for; whether it is home safes for burglary, fire, or gun. We have an assortment of shapes and sizes available, and have access to even more that can be delivered to customers the same day. Our safe technicians are experts in combo changes, and safe drilling. If a customer has lost the combination to their safe, home or business, we can find the fastest and easiest way to get into the safe, with the least amount of damage. We are also experts in safe repair, and can replace drilled parts and pieces.

Find A Budget Home Safe To Fit Your Needs

Drilling A Safe

Drilling A Safe

The Locksmiths at Colorado Security Products can recommend and provide information on the security of safes in all different price ranges, and find the best safe for your individual needs. We specialize in the delivery and bolt down of safes, and understand the safety risks involved in moving large and heavy safes – ensuring the safety of our employees as well as protecting the property of our customers. We often walk the delivery site ahead of time to plan for potential obstacles and trouble areas we may face in the delivery, and we have all the equipment to move safes of any size.

We understand the necessity of protecting valuables and documents in a secure way that is safe from potential intruders. We have specialized and sold budget home safes since the 70’s, and can find the best safes for any customers need.

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