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In addition to being a dependable auto locksmith in Denver, CSP provides quality safes as well. When you want to protect valuables, money, important papers, guns, and other property, you want a Denver safe that lives up to its name. Colorado Security Products offers models from the best safe company on the market that will do the job, whether you need a Denver anti-burglary safe, electronic safe, fireproof safe, or a gun safe for your home or business– and don’t miss out on our affordable budget safes in Denver!

Gun Safes Denver
Reliable Safes in Denver

We Sell Dependable Safes in Denver

AMSEC BF® Series Gun Safes

Whether you keep guns for hunting or personal protection, or you stock them for sale, you want the weapons to be secured and protected. All the AMSEC BF® Series gun safes we offer at Colorado Security feature DryLight insulation. This advanced concrete material eliminates the use of gypsum board and protects valuables against burglary and fire and provides a seamless and dry barrier. CSP offers gun safes in Denver.

BF 6032 – Gun safe
BF 6032 – Gun safe
BF 6636 – Gun Safe
BF 6636 – Gun Safe
BF 6030 – Gun Safe
BF 6030 – Gun Safe
  • The door on most models is ½” steel plate, backed with 1″ of DryLight insulation. On the BF7250 model, the door is 3/8″ steel plate
  • The walls on all sides are 2″ thick and feature DryLight insulation between two layers of steel to assure outstanding fire and security protection
  • U.L. Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification
  • Secured by 11 large 1½” chrome-plated bolts that feature a bolt detent system to hold bolts in open position
  • Built to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350ºF, with Mercury Class III fire rating of 1,275ºF for 90 minutes
  • Commercial grade adjustable ball bearing hinges
  • 2 Stage Dual fire seals featuring door jamb with a silicone seal and door with a Palusol seal
  • U.L. Listed Group II Lock with two relocking devices and massive hard plate
  • Attractive five-spoke handle and key-locking, spy-proof dial
  • Mirrored back wall for better interior visibility
  • Your choice of zinc die-cast logos in black nickel, polished brass or chrome
  • Pre-cut electrical access hole (1) with (4) pre-cut anchor holes
  • Rich pin-dot fabric interior with E-Z Slant-Out to easily access long guns and adjustable interior shelving
  • Available in both textured and gloss finishes

AMSEC U.L. Series U.L. Listed 2-Hour Fire and Impact Safes

No matter how safe you think your home is, fire can strike your home and destroy your documents in an instant. Need proof? Just ask the one American homeowner struck by fire every 50 seconds. Your best hope of safely storing your documents is to use an AMSEC U.L. listed 2-HR fire safe, the best protection you can buy. CSP offers fire and impact safes in Denver.

UL 1812 XD
  • Lifetime fire replacement with one year parts and labor – the industry’s best warranty
  • U.L. listed Class 350°F two hour fire and impact rating
  • Can withstand external temperatures of 1850ºF and even a 30′ fall from the third store of a burning building.
  • 3½” thick recessed door with 5/8″ thick front for excellent burglary resistance
  • Locking mechanism activated on handle operates smoothly and features 7/8″ diameter solid steel chrome plated locking bolts
  • Internal anchor bolt hole with hardware
  • U.L. listed Group II key changeable and re-lockable combination lock offers 1 million possible combinations
  • Severe attack triggers auxiliary spring-loaded relock device
  • Smooth operation and additional security due to heavy duty steel hinges
  • Standard rubber feet on models UL1511 – 1812XD
  • Brass-plated dial, with plush velour interior, decorative emblems, and brown powder coated handle
  • Choice of durable Granite or Sandstone textured finishes

AMSEC EST® Series Electronic Safes with DL5000 Lock

If you need fire and burglary protection at a reasonable price for residential and light commercial applications, the AMSEC’s EST® series offers you a 1-HR fire rating and features usually found on much more expensive safes. CSP offers electronic safes in Denver.

EST 813 -Burglary
EST 813 -Burglary

EST 1814 - Burglary
EST 1814 – Burglary

est1814® and est914® features:

  • U.L. Listed 350°F, 1-Hour fire rating
  • Two-toned sage finish
  • Handle operated side, top and bottom locking mechanism that include (4) 1″ chrome plated locking bolts
  • Two deadbolts that will prevent door removal if hinges are removed during a burglary
  • Mode-altering 3 ¾” touch screen LCD input display with low-battery indicator, time, date, and keypad. In standby mode, display is orange, but changes to bright blue in the open position
  • State-of-the-art DL5000 electronic lock that enables fast combination changes
  • Allows (2) user codes
  • Shows open door records for the past 14 entries
  • Emergency key-lock override system with two (2) keys, power override battery box, built-in spy-proof function and motion detector alert
  • EST1814® Features: One (1) internal anchor hole and hardware, (1) top mounted key lock drawer, (1) adjustable shelf, and (4) removable rolling casters
  • EST914® Features: One (1) internal anchor hole and hardware, (1) drawer shelf, and (4) rubber feet

AMSEC DS Series – “B” Rate Depository Safes

You can safeguard deposits with the DS deposit safes with a front-loading deposit door or a top-loading rotary hopper. Due to the exclusive saw tooth baffle, contents are not easily removed without opening the safe. CSP is proud to offer budget safes in Denver.

BWB 2020 – Depository Safe
BWB 2020 – Depository Safe
IRC412 – Cash Box
IRC412 – Cash Box

Storage Unit To Go Inside Of Safe
Storage Unit To Go Inside Of Safe
Defense Vault
Defense Vault

The AMSEC DS Series of depository safes is available in a wide range of sizes and designs to meet your security requirements. Regardless of the model, each safe can be equipped with a Group II lock, electronic keypad locks or bank service dual control key locks, and management features such as duress control, time delay, or multiple users. Reversed doors are also available.



  • A36 solid steel plate formed “B” Rate construction for improved strength, security, and appearance
  • Formed door jamb for improved resistance to attacks by sledgehammers
  • Four anchor bolt holes

DOOR – MODEL NUMBERS: 2014, 2714, AND 3214

  • ½” thick A36 solid steel plate, recessed ½” to improve resistance to prying
  • U.L. Group II combo lock (C), U.L. listed dual nose key-lock (K)
  • Electronic locks are optional
  • (3) 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts
  • Boltwork engages automatically with bolt detent system
  • Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device
  • Large carburized hardplate protects lock and relock



  • (3) 1″ x ½” rectangular plated bolts
  • Side-by-side design is space-efficient, creating full-depth depository and large storage compartment
  • Holds cash trays as large as 13″ x 18″
  • Coin rack option available on storage compartment door


  • 2014/2714 are available with a reverse hopper
  • Large package sizes
    • (Top Load Rotary): 4¾”D x 4¾”W x 10″L
    • (Front/Reverse Load): 4″D x 2¾”W x 10½”L
  • Recessed, heavy duty 3/16″ construction (¼” door)
  • Protected by dual “anti-fish” baffles

For more information about Colorado Security Products’ safes in Denver, contact our Denver locksmiths today at (303) 756-1000. And while you’re here, read this blog about common items people forget to lock in safes!

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