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At Colorado Security Products, we know that you need to be able to limit access in your business. You want your employees to have access to everything they need to do their jobs well, but you don’t want to give them access to too much. You also don’t want your customers or clients wandering into restricted areas or areas where they have no business being.

We have the access control system hardware in Denver that you need to help your business thrive. We’ll help you choose the access control options that are right for you. Then, we’ll handle your access control parts installation so that you don’t have to worry. Before long, we’ll have your access control system installation complete and you’ll be able to rest easy once again.

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Types of Access Control Door Hardware Systems

When it comes to access control door hardware, there are five general categories of parts you can choose from. We offer many variations on the following options for you, too.

  • Stand-Alone Locks. These all-in-one access control systems are designed for a single door. Each lock is powered by batteries, which you can replace. They have options for locking by proximity card, keypad, or combination, based on your needs. We can install one in a few minutes, though they aren’t great for situations where several areas need to be secured since they aren’t part of a larger network.
  • Proximity Readers. These are popular access control door hardware. Authorized personnel use cards to get through doors. They’re easy to use and cards that are lost or no longer in service can be deactivated.
  • Key Switches. These electronically monitor who accesses restricted areas and when, though they still require a physical key to open the door.
  • Keypads. These are great for single-door security access and are highly affordable. However, they are less secure than some options because people tend to write down the keycode and they may leave it in an unsecured spot.
  • Biometric Systems. These require people to identify themselves based on certain physical characteristics. Usually, they use fingerprints or retinal scans. While they are some of the most secure access control system parts on the market, they also cost more than other systems.

Choosing the Best Access Control System Parts for You

When you call Colorado Security Products about access control system hardware in Denver, we’ll send an expert your way fast. Our Denver lock smiths know their access control door hardware and access control system installation well. They’ll find out how many secure areas you need, the level of security you require, and your budget for the project.

Based on that, they’ll help you select the access control door parts that will work for you. Then, they’ll handle your access control parts installation, too. They’ll make sure everything gets installed properly, then test it with you when they’re done. If it’s not working as you need it to, they will keep working until you’re completely satisfied. Call us at CSP today to get the access control door hardware you need soon!

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