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Access Control Readers In Denver

Denver Electronic Access Control System readerIf you need to control access in your business and you have decided that access control readers in Denver are right for you, reach out to us at Colorado Security Products (CSP) today. We’ll help you choose the best access control doors in Denver that are right for you and your business. In fact, we can help you set up entire access control systems that will keep your business safe and secure. After you choose your access control methods, we’ll perform your access control system installation, too, so you can rest easy knowing that your business has the security it needs. No matter the specifics that you need for access control system readers in Denver, we have you covered at CSP!

Options for Access Control Readers in Denver

There are several common types of access control door readers in Denver. Each of these comes with multiple options. We can listen to your security concerns, walk you through the pros and cons of each type, then help you select the access control systems that will be right for you. Options include:
  • Keypads. These are the most common access control system readers in Denver. Your door will have a keypad with touch buttons or a touchscreen. This connects to the lock release. Users simply enter a PIN or a code to gain access to restricted areas.
  • Magstrip readers. These access control readers in Denver require authorized users to have an encoded card. They swipe the card to gain access to allowed areas.
  • Proximity readers. These are fast and do not require contact between authorized people and the reader. Each user has a tag that is presented to the reader in order to access certain areas. The reader recognizes the tag and opens the door.
  • Long-distance readers. These work similarly to proximity meters but can detect a tag anywhere within about 1 meter of the reader. Users don’t have to present their tags but can simply have them on their person and the door will open.
  • Biometric readers. These use physical characteristics, like retina scans or fingerprints, to open doors. They don’t require tags or cards, so these can’t be stolen and used by unauthorized people.

Access Control System Installation

Once you have chosen the access control readers in Denver that will work best for your business, we’ll start installing access control hardware. We’ll have the job done as fast as we can, including syncing readers across your system, issuing relevant cards to authorized people, and testing the system to make sure it’s working as you need it to. We’ll never leave until you are completely satisfied with the access control system. If it’s not working the way you need it to, we’ll stay and keep working until it functions as designed.


We can also help you with access control system repair. If your system isn’t letting people through who should be authorized or is letting too many people through, we’ll troubleshoot it until we find the problem and solve it. Call our Denver locksmiths for access control readers in Denver today!