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Access Control Readers

At Colorado Security Products – your Denver locksmith, your safety and security is our top priority. That’s why we offer a full range of access control systems and components, including access control readers. Access control readers come in many forms, and we have options that are appropriate for business security systems of all types and sizes.

Access Control Readers

Access control readers determine the method by which people can gain access to a location. From keypads to card readers to biometric readers, they come in many forms and offer varying degrees of security.


Keypads are the most common access control reader. This system consists of a keypad with push buttons or a touch screen that’s connected to the lock release mechanism. Authorized users simply enter their PIN to gain access to restricted areas.

Magstripe Readers

Magstripe readers grant access when a user swipes an encoded card. These readers are also common and have numerous potential applications.

Proximity Readers

If you’re looking for a fast, non-contact point of entry, consider proximity readers. Each user has a tag that is presented to the reader to gain access. The reader recognizes the tag at a distance of approximately 100 mm.

Long Distance Readers

Long distance readers are similar to proximity readers, but they work at a greater distance. These readers can detect a card or a tag from a distance of approximately one meter.

Biometric Readers

With a biometric reader, you can grant access using unique human characteristics, such as print prints or retina scans. Since there are no tags or cards that can be misplaced, stolen or used by someone other than the intended use, this type of reader provides an increased level of security.

Denver Access Control Readers

At Colorado Security Products, we can help you choose the right Denver access control readers for your business. We’ll assess your security needs and your budget to determine which option is most suitable for your unique needs. To learn more about access control readers and systems, contact us today by calling 303-756-1000.