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Access Control Door Hardware

Access control systems allow you to control who is authorized to enter restricted areas. Whether used to control access to an entire building or to prevent unauthorized people from accessing just a few certain areas, these systems allow you to take control of your security needs in a simple, efficient manner. Colorado Security Products – your locksmith in Denver, has all the hardware options to create the perfect solution for your business.

When you are in the market for an access control system for your business security system, there are a few types of access control door hardware from which to choose. The option that is best suited to you largely depends on how much security you need and how you prefer to grant access to restricted areas.

Access Control Door Hardware

Types of Door Hardware for Access Control

There are five general types of door hardware to choose from for your access control needs:

  • Stand-Alone Locks. A stand-alone lock is an all-in-one access control system that is designed for a single door. These locks are powered by replaceable batteries, and they can be unlocked by proximity card, a keypad or a combination. They can be installed and ready for use in a matter of minutes. Since they are not part of a larger network, however, they are not well-suited for applications In which several areas need to be secured.
  • Proximity Readers. Proximity readers are popular for commercial access control applications. They are easy to use, and lost cards or cards belonging to individuals who no longer should have access can be deactivated.
  • Keyswitches allow you to keep track of who accesses restricted areas via electronic monitoring while still requiring the use of a physical key to gain access.
  • Keypads are an affordable solution, and they work well for single door security access. However, since users tend to write down security codes and “share” them with others, they are not the most secure option.
  • Biometric systems. Biometric systems require users to identify themselves with certain physical characteristics, such as fingerprints or retinal scans. They are the most secure type of access control hardware on the market, but they are also most costly than other methods.

Choosing the Right Access Control Door Hardware in Denver

Finding the right access control door hardware is not always easy. At Colorado Security Products, we can help. We carry a full range of access control hardware, and we can help you determine which solution is best suited to your needs. For additional information, please call 303-756-1000.