Does Your Access Control Need Maintenance?

Access Control Maintenance

Access Control Maintenance

As access control systems have become more technologically-advanced and user friendly, they have made it possible for system administrators and system managers to program and reschedule access operations. From determining when the building opens and closes to allowing certain individuals to use certain doors at specified times, in many ways, these automated systems can virtually run themselves.

However, access control maintenance is still something that is crucial and should never be forgotten. Performing routine maintenance is critical in ensuring optimal performance of the system as well as dependable security of the building or facility it controls.

Database Maintenance

Access control systems typically have a database of people how are allowed to enter certain areas. To ensure that only those who currently have the credentials to enter such areas are allowed to do so, regular maintenance and updates on the database must be performed. When employees leave or transfer to other departments, managers must delete them immediately to prevent them from going where they are no longer allowed.

In addition to making daily changes, managers should also perform annual reviews to ensure that only current employees with the proper credentials can enter the building or restricted areas.

Another important part of database maintenance is backing it up regularly. System crashes and other failures, though rare, could destroy the current database. Frequent backups ensure that you have something to fall back on in the event that the database is lost or corrupted. For small businesses with limited turnover, monthly backups are often sufficient, but larger corporations and those with higher turnover rates should perform weekly backups.

Equipment Inspections

The equipment that makes up your access control system needs to be inspected on a regular basis. Things like keypads and card readers should be thoroughly tested for proper functionality, as should locks and other components. An access control system can only do its job when all of its components are functioning as they should, so it is crucial to have them professional inspected on a regular basis.

Denver Access Control Maintenance

At Colorado Security Products, we provide access control solutions throughout the Denver area. From helping you choose the best system for your facility and professionally installing it to providing maintenance as needed, we offer all of the solutions you need to make – and keep – any building secure.

For professional Denver access control maintenance, please call Colorado Security Products now at 303-756-1000. Whether you’ve already implemented an access control system or you are looking for ways to enhance the security of your business or organization, rely on our expert Colorado security technicians for the help you need.