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New Technology For Access Control Keeps Your Building Secure

For government agencies, financial institutions and commercial facilities of all types and sizes, top-notch business security systems are crucial. As a business owner, the peace of mind of knowing that your information, inventory and all other aspects of the company are protected is priceless. Access control systems are vital security components, and thanks to technological advancements, they keep getting better and better. However, despite the most incredible technological advancements, even the best systems can be rendered useless by their simplest components.

Updating Access Control Technology

Today’s facility-wide access control systems use improved technology to provide higher levels of security with decreased work. High-quality, well-maintained modern systems cost less to operate and maintain than older systems, and they standardize all hardware for a uniform setup.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to take advantage of new technology for access control, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Your access control system is not the sole component responsible for securing your facility. In fact, there are several things that go into a properly-functioning access control system. Even the best technology can be derailed by something as simple as a structural issue within your facility.

Doors Could Derail Your Access Control

Even the most cutting edge system for access control can fail as the result of your doors. To ensure that your system works properly, interior and exterior doors need to be in good condition, and they need to be functioning as they should. A door that simply doesn’t latch properly will make even the most advanced access control system completely useless.

In many instances, sagging doors are weak spots in access control systems. Heavy exterior doors put a lot of stress on the hinges, and with heavy use, they can start to sag. Though often minimal, eventually, sagging can eventually prevent doors from closing properly. When the door doesn’t fully close, the security lock is unable to engage, rendering the system useless.

Business owners and building managers need to schedule regular inspections as well as door maintenance to ensure that these crucial security components do not fail, causing a breach in your access control.  While technology continues to improve and today’s access control systems are better and more powerful than ever before, it’s important to never forget about old-fashioned maintenance. Sometimes it is the simplest structural issues that cause even the best systems to fail.

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