7 Lock Brands To Know

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Selecting what brand of lock to replace your current front door lock can be difficult. Does a more expensive brand work better? What features are there? What’s a reliable brand for locks? There are so many questions about how to choose the best lock to secure and protect your home or business. To help provide some answers to these questions, we’ve compiled a list of quality locks and why they may be right for you. 

Schlage: The Trustworthy Brand

Schlage is possibly the most well-known brand for locks. You can find Schlage Lock at nearly every hardware store because they work! When you purchase a lock from Schlage you can trust that the lock is durable and secure. This brand is known to make locks that are tamper or pick, resistant, which is especially important when purchasing a deadbolt lock. There are several styles to choose from whether you’re looking for a traditional lock or a keyless lock that is becoming more and more popular for both residential and commercial usage.

Kwikset: Best Selling Lock Brand

Kwikset is one of the top-selling lock brands, and someone you know has or does use these locks. Kwikset is known for selling practical low at a more cost-effective price which helps to make the a top seller. They have a wide range of locks and other security products from regular padlocks to keyless locks and security systems. Kwikset locks are the perfect choice if you are looking for a low-cost lock that you don’t mind replacing after a while.

Baldwin: The Style Brand

If you’re looking for a lock with a particular style or look to match a unique design aesthetic, we recommend Baldwin locks. Baldwin has a reputation for creating stylish locks with unique and innovative security features. They produce a wide range of modern and traditional locks, from pocket and padlocks, to deadbolt and keyless lock systems, so you can truly find whatever type of lock you need in an array of colors and designs.

While they are known for their design-forward locks, they are also known to make some of the most durable and secure lock systems on the market. If you’ve held one, then you might have the lock be somewhat heavy. This is because of their solid construction and top-quality materials.

Corbin/Russwin: The Commercial Brand

If you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy lock for commercial use, we recommend Corbin/Russwin Locks. This brand is owned by two companies — Corbin and Russwinm– and is known for its durability, straightforward design, and easy installation. You may have seen these locks used by schools, restaurants, hotels, and other high-traffic locations. 

Yale: The (Historic) Residential Brand

If you are in the market for a household lock that will last for years to come, you need to consider a Yale lock for your home. You may already be using a Yale lock at home and not realize it. These locks provide quality and durability with a name that really says it all. 

Yale invented the pin tumbler lock system used in all traditional lock and key systems. This historic brand continues to innovate with advancements in digital locks.

Medeco: The “Unpickable” Brand

When looking for a lock, the most ideal lock would be one that is impenetrable or unpickable. Medeco has accomplished just that. They’ve made a name for themself by being the “unpickable” brand. They designed a mechanical locking system that has been proven to be extraordinarily difficult and next to impossible (if not impossible) to lockpick by the average criminal. The unmatched security of these locks does come with a price point to match, but those who’ve made the investment say it’s worth every penny.

Brink: The All Around Security Brand

Are looking for a lock that is difficult to pick for even the average locksmith, the masters of the craft? Then we recommend a lock by RR Brink. You probably recognize the name from armored security vans used to pick up and drop off money to banks– it’s the same company. RR Brink is a top-rate security brand, their lock system designs are as complex as they are advanced. For this reason, this brand of locks have been used by prisons, bank, and other high-security locations for decades and has proven to be extremely reliable.

Protect Your Family and Valuables!

Your front door lock is the first line of defense to keep yourself, your family, and your belongings protected from unwanted intruders and burglary. Finding the right lock for your home or business starts with choosing the right brand. When you call us at Colorado Security Products & Locksmith Services, we can help you find the best brand and then lock for your needs. Whether you own a business and need a commercial use lock, or you’re looking to replace your deadbolt lock with a keyless lock that’s great for family use, we’ve got you covered. Our expert Denver Locksmith and security professionals can install whichever lock you need and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today for your front door lock replacement in Denver or the surrounding areas!