Are Expensive Locks Better?

We use locks, safes, and other security products to ensure that our homes, families, and possessions are secure. So when asking the question “are expensive locks better” the question becomes about security. Whether it’s worth investing more money in locks with more or newer security features typically depends on what is behind the lock.

Keyless Locks

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Keyless locks, also called smart locks, are becoming more and more popular with homeowners and apartment complexes. These more expensive locks use the technologies like biometrics, magnetic swipe cards/fobs, or a digital passcode. An added benefit and security feature to keyless locks is that they do not require the conventional key which can be lost, misplaced, or stolen. Because there’s no lock to pick, burglars would need to resort to risker, and louder ways to break in, like smashing a window or breaking down the door, which is an inherent deterrent to theft and break-ins.

Insurance Claims

Many smart locks have wifi capabilities and can alert the homeowner if there are too many incorrect passcode attempts or unauthorized access. These locks can even alert the local police if set to do so. This can be a valuable option when reporting a burglary or filing an insurance claim to report property damage or theft. 

Certain smart locks can display a notice on the lock itself if it has been tampered with to alert the resident before they walk into a potentially dangerous situation. This notice is helpful to know to contact the police before entering the home if your settings are not set to do so already. Because there is evidence of tampering with the smart lock that can be verified, it is easier for the resident to claim insurance and get compensation for any damage found.

Secure Safes

If you are concerned about securing valuables like important documents, photos, jewelry, or other material objects, you should consider investing in a safe with a higher level of security than the typical lock and key safe. With the fast pace of advancements in technology, many safes are electronic and require a passcode or even a finger or handprint to open. By requiring a specific passcode, burglars would have to somehow smash the safe in order to retrieve their bounty. However, safes can require a massive amount of pressure or force to open by force and typically end up damaging or destroying what’s inside. 

Invest In More Security

You may want to invest more money in more secure locks for your front door, like a smart or keyless lock, or even a security system. We all sleep better at night knowing that our family and precious valuables are safe from unwanted intruders. But burglary still happens, even in what seem to be the safest neighborhoods. To best protect yourself and your family we recommend looking into various types of security systems, rather than relying on just your front door lock. 

Rely on CSP to Secure Your Home and Belongings

To answer the question at hand: are expensive locks better? They certainly can provide more security. If you’re looking for better home or business security system in the Denver area, call us at Colorado Security Products today. Our expert Denver locksmiths can help you decide which keyless smart lock best suits your home’s security needs. We also offer a wide selection of home security systems and safes. If you live in an area where you are concerned about the crime rate, call your local Denver locksmith company to install a smart lock on your doors today.