Denver Puffer Cars Explained

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about puffer cars, or vehicles that are left running unattended. The Denver area sees an increased number of car thefts during the winter months due to the common practice of warming vehicles up during colder weather. Cars left running with the keys in the ignition are prime targets for thieves, and many Coloradans don’t even realize that they can be cited for leaving their car running unattended.

On average, seven puffer cars are stolen each day, and Denver police have been advising area residents to exercise caution and not make themselves targets for would-be thieves.

Here’s what you need to know about puffer cars and how you can protect yourself.

Colorado Law for Puffer Cars

In Colorado, it’s illegal to leave your car running unattended – a fact that roughly 44% of Colorado residents don’t know. While cars left running with the keys in the ignition are the primary target for car thieves, it’s illegal to leave your car running even if you use a remote starter.

Another fact that is unknown to many – it’s also illegal to leave your car idling for more than five minutes even if you’re in the vehicle. This law is in place to protect the environment by reducing vehicle emissions while the unattended motor vehicle law is in place to reduce the occurrence of preventable car thefts.

How to Protect Yourself

The most obvious way to protect yourself from car thieves – and from traffic citations – is by never leaving your vehicle running attended. If you must leave your car unattended to warm up this winter, use a remote starter, and make sure your doors are locked. You can have an auto security system installed by your local auto locksmith in Denver.

To prevent car theft at any time of year, consider having a vehicle security system installed if you don’t already have one. Car alarms deter would-be thieves, and investing in one might even save you some money on your auto insurance premiums.

No matter how far the temperatures fall, your best bet is to never leave your vehicle running unattended, especially with the keys in the ignition. Doing so is an open invitation for thieves as well as an invitation to receive a ticket from the Denver Police. Always keep your vehicle locked, and if you need a security system for your car, contact Colorado Security Products. We’ve been securing the things Coloradans value most since 1977, and we’d be happy to help you choose the right automotive security products for your vehicle. To learn more call the Denver security experts at 303-756-1000.