Never Lose Your Keys Again with These Simple Tips

We’ve all done it: You walk in the door, put your keys down, and when it’s time to leave again, you spend 25 minutes trying to remember where you put them. Rarely do they turn up in a logical location. More often, they somehow end up in the freezer, under the couch or even in the washing machine after being left in your pocket.

When you can’t find out keys – or when they’ve been significantly damaged – you’ll likely find yourself in need of a new set. With today’s advanced locks and security systems, though, getting a new key isn’t as easy as it once was, and you could find yourself spending hundreds if you need to replace your car keys.

In this situation, it’s definitely better to prevent the problem in the first place. Here are some useful tips to help you stop losing your keys.

How to Never Lose Your Keys
Have trouble keeping track of your keys? Check out these tips and never lose your keys again!

How to Never Lose Your Keys Again

  1. Develop a Routine. Create a routine of putting your keys in the same place every time you want in the door. A “key cupboard” is a good idea, but make sure a potential intruder looking through your windows can’t see any keys. Another option is going straight to the bedroom and putting your keys in a bedside drawer for safekeeping. No matter where you choose, make putting your keys away as soon as you walk in the door a routine and you’ll never have to wonder where they are again.
  2. Use a Key Finder. There are quite a few products on the market today to help you find your keys. Using Bluetooth or infrared technology, these small devices flash or beep to alert you to the location of your keys. There are even options that you can track using your smartphone.
  3. Keep a Key Ring. A classic key ring is a simple but effective way to keep all your keys in one place. Simply attach to your belt loops or the inside of a briefcase or bag, and you’ll always know where they are. For a more modern look, opt for a carabiner instead of the classic ring.

Replacement Keys in Denver

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