Pros and Cons of Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are becoming increasingly popular. Though initially designed for use in vehicles, they have been modified for use in homes and businesses as well. If you’re thinking about switching to a keyless door lock, there are certainly several advantages. However, they are also a few risk that are worth noting. Before you have one installed in your home, check out the pros and cons of keyless door locks from our Denver Locksmiths listed below.

Keyless Door Lock Pros keyless door locks

One of the main benefits of switching to a keyless door lock is never needing to worry about losing your key. You also won’t find yourself fumbling trying to unlock your door with a key when your hands are full or hiding a spare key somewhere on your property.

Since most keyless door locks are opened by entering a code on a keypad, you can provide the key to others at your discretion. Instead of needing to have your key copied for houseguests, dog walkers, etc., you just need to tell them your code. And this code can be changed periodically.

Keyless Door Lock Cons

Despite the many benefits of keyless locks, there are also a few drawbacks. While these systems are generally safe, there is always the possibility of an intruder hacking the code or correctly guessing it. You may also find yourself locked out if you choose a code then fail to remember it. Since you shouldn’t use codes that are easy to guess like birthdates and repetitive numbers, this could be a problem if you are forgetful.

Lastly, not all keyless locks function property in the event of a power failure. Most keyless locks do have battery backups to protect you in this situation, though, so it’s important to make sure there is a fresh battery at all times.

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