Summer Security Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

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Summer is officially here, and unfortunately, as the temperature rises, so does the crime rate. In most areas, crime rates peak during the summer months and it’s not different for the greater Denver Metro Area. Vacations and family outings keep people away from their homes more frequently during this time of year, and empty houses are always prime targets for criminals. Many homeowners also tend to become a little more complacent during the summer. Longer days, warmer nights, and all around pleasant weather make people more likely to leave their windows open and doors unlocked, practically inviting intruders in. Don’t let a home invasion or other home security disaster ruin your summer. Check out these summer security tips from your Denver home security company, Colorado Security Products!

Be Alert

Pay attention to what’s happening in your area. Unusual people walking around the area could be potential burglars looking for an easy opportunity. Make sure your kids know to tell you if they see anyone or anything strange. When you’re outside enjoying a beautiful, sunny day, be aware of your surroundings.

Don’t Advertise Your Vacation

Never announce upcoming vacation plans on social media. Let a few select people know that you will be out of town so they can keep an eye on your home and bring in your mail, but don’t make your trip public knowledge until after you return home.

Secure Your Windows

Wanting to let in a comfortable breeze on a summer evening is understandable, but don’t risk your home’s security. Ideally, it’s best to keep your windows closed and locked. If, however, you are going to leave them open, install window stops. Drill a small hole no more than 10 inches above a close window. Insert a metal rod or peg to prevent the window from opening any further.

Don’t Forget Security While You’re Home

As many of us are still working and learning from home, don’t forget about you home security while your still in it! If you are in the backyard, make sure your front doors and windows are locked. Many burglaries during the summer occur while homeowners are simply outside enjoying time with their families outdoors.

Home Security in Denver

Summer is one of the most fun times of the year. Don’t risk yours being ruined by a home invasion. Contact your Denver home security company, Colorado Security Products, for more summer safety tips and to learn more about our selection of residential security systems, security cameras, locks and more! Call us today to speak with a home security professional about more ways to bolster your home in defense of potential crime in your area this summer.