Tips for Hiding Spare Keys

Having a spare key around can save you quite a bit of a headache in a tough situation. It can mean that you don’t have to call your Denver locksmiths the next time you get locked out of your home or your car. However, having a spare key out there can also mean that someone can break into your home. Here’s how to hide your spare key so it’s less likely to cause a problem.

Where NOT to Keep Your Spare Key

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Don’t put your spare key anywhere that’s expected. That means common or easy-to-guess hiding spots. After all, if your spare key gets stolen, you have to call for a lock replacement in Denver.

In general, don’t put your spare key:

  • Under plants by your door or on your patio
  • In your mailbox (if it’s right in front of your yard)
  • On top of or taped to the door jamb
  • Under a big rock or a statue in your garden
  • Under your doormat
  • Inside your wallet

All of these are common hiding places where thieves can easily find your key. If you do use one of these places and you find your spare key missing, call us for a lock replacement in Denver right away so you’re security doesn’t remain compromised.

Where You SHOULD Keep Your Spare Key

Keep your spare key someplace unexpected. This helps you avoid security issues and calling about emergency lockouts in Denver.

If you trust your neighbors, give them your spare key. That way, it’s not out there to cause problems but it’s also easy for you to access if you need it.

If that won’t work and you’re worried about emergency lockouts in Denver, put your key:

  • Inside your BBQ in your backyard
  • Under a loose brick in your house or the walkway
  • In the doghouse
  • Taped underneath your trash bins
  • In a magnetic key hider somewhere on the side of your home or in the backyard
  • Inside a fake, hollow rock that blends well into the surroundings

Keyless Entry Options

If you’re worried about your spare key, you can also contact us at Colorado Security Products. As your Denver Locksmith, we have a wide variety of keyless door entry options that might work for you. You can open your door with a passcode or with an app on your mobile phone. These add security and give you more peace of mind!

Call For Spare Keys, Lock Replacement, and Emergency Locksmith Services in Denver

While it is important to have a spare key, hiding it in the right places is crucial to your safety. Prevent leaving your key where someone might find it and also lock replacement in Denver. If you do need a keyless lock installed, lock replacement services, or an emergency locksmith in Denver, give us at CSP a call anytime!