When You Should Change Locks

Advanced security systems with motion sensors and cameras go a long way toward keeping your home safe, but sometimes, the simplest things can derail your security plan. If the wrong person has the keys to your home, even the best security system won’t keep intruders out if you don’t change locks.

6.4% of unlawful entries are committed by someone with a key, so it’s important to be careful who has your keys and change your locks when necessary. Do you know when you should change the locks in your home?

4 Times When You Need to Change LocksWhen You Should Change Locks


If you’ve recently moved into a new home, one of your first projects should be replacing your locks. If you’re renting, make sure your landlord changes the locks right away so you can be certain that only you, your family, any roommates and your landlord have the keys.


Breakups are difficult, and it’s easy to forget about things like getting your keys back. Whether you’re ending a dating relationship or getting a divorce, it’s a good idea to change your locks just to be safe.

This rule also applies to friends and roommates as well. Don’t let any relationship change lead to stolen property.

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, change your locks right away – even if you have a spare key. Changing your locks ensures that strangers won’t have access to your home. On a side note, you should never put your address on your keys or keychain.

Old Locks

Even if you aren’t currently having any problems, you may want to consider replacing your locks if they’re old. Wear and tear impacts locks, and it can make it difficult to use your key to lock or unlock your door. Older locks may also be more vulnerable to tampering and easier to pick.

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