When You Should Rekey Locks

In the event of a lost or stolen key, it’s important to take action right away to ensure the security of the building. When facing this situation, you have two options – you can change the locks or rekey the locks.

When should you rekey locks as opposed to replacing them? Here are a few circumstances in which rekeying is your best option and when a Denver locksmith would be best used.

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Situations When You Should Rekey Locks in Denver

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Rekeyable door lock systems offer numerous benefits for businesses. They allow business owners to control access without completely replacing the hardware, resulting in decreased costs.

If you have lost control of who has access to your business, you may want to have your locks rekeyed by the Denver locksmiths at CSP. Lost keys, copies of keys which may be in the possession of former employees and stolen keys all compromise the security of your business, and it’s a good idea to rekey your locks in any of these situations.

At Colorado Security Products, we recommend rekeying your locks any time an employee leaves your business, especially if they don’t leave on good terms. Even if they turn in their keys, they may have copies that will allow them to access your business unauthorized.

When to Change Your Locks in Denver

Even if you have rekeyable locks, there are certain times when you may need to replace them. Over time, the hardware can become worn out. The components may become too worn to be rekeyed. You may also want to replace your rekeyable locks when upgrading to a new security system or when working with a new security vendor, like the Denver locksmiths at CSP.

Rekey Locks in Denver

If you need to rekey locks in Denver, let Colorado Security Products help. We offer cost-effective lock rekeying services, and we’re always here to help you properly secure your business. To learn more about rekeyable locks in Denver, contact Colorado Security Products today by calling 303-756-1000.

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