Keys Locked in Your Car? Here’s What to Do!

If you drive, chances are you’ll lock your keys in your car at some point. Due to keyless ignitions and increasingly sophisticated anti-theft systems, lockouts are becoming more common, and the American Automobile Association reports that they get more than 4,000,000 million calls for keys locked in the car each year.

If your keys are locked in your car, here’s what you need to do.

What to Do When Your Keys are Locked in Your Car

Call 911Keys Locked in Car

Safety should always come first, and in some instances, locking your keys in the car is an emergency. If you are not in a safe area, or if you locked yourself out of your car with a child or pet inside, all 911. In many instances, police officers can open car doors, especially in emergency situations. If they can’t, they can put you in touch with someone who can.

Call for Roadside Assistance

If you belong to a roadside assistance program, such as AAA, or if your auto insurance company offers roadside assistance, call them for lockout service. The downside to using one of these services is that you may be stuck waiting quite a while for help to arrive. If, however, it isn’t an emergency situation, being patient and waiting for roadside assistant to arrive is affordable option.

Call a Locksmith

If you aren’t able to get help from a police officer, and you don’t belong to any roadside assistance programs, your best bet is calling a locksmith. A locksmith can help you get you back in your car with ease, and if necessary, they can make new keys.

Preventing Lockouts

While lockouts are common, they can be avoided in many situations. Keeping a spare key handy is a good way to prevent the frustrating of having your keys locked in the car. Tuck a spare key in your wallet or purse, or store it in a well-hidden location on your car. It’s also wise to leave a spare key with someone who could come rescue you, if needed.

Another option for preventing lockouts is purchasing a car with certain features. Choosing a car with a door-mounted keypad ensures that you can access your car using a code even if you don’t have your keys. Some car models also have features that prevent them from locking if the key is in the ignition and the door is open. If your car has OnStar or a similar assistance system, you may be able to call a toll-free number and have your car unlocked remotely.

Locking your keys is a common and frustrating mistake that most drivers will make at some point. If you’re locked out of your car and you need a Denver car locksmith, call Colorado Security Products now at 303-756-1000. We have locksmiths available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they’ll be here whenever you need them most!