Common Car Security Myths

As one of the top car locksmiths in Denver, we know there are a lot of myths that people believe about car security. Here’s the truth that you need to know.

All You Need to Do is Lock Your Glove Box

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Actually, thieves who check the glove box and find it locked are more likely to break the lock to get at whatever valuables they suspect are inside. Most of these locks don’t offer nearly as much protection as you might think. If yours is broken into, call our emergency locksmith in Denver right away!

You’re Safe if You Don’t Have a Brand New Car

While new cars are great, they usually come with upgraded security systems. Older cars, on the other hand, are a lot easier to break into without being caught.

You’re Safe if You Don’t Have a Luxury Car

Luxury cars are similar in that they also tend to have better security systems. They are also easier to track, especially if they are very rare or otherwise notable.

Car Theft is Extremely Rare

Cars are stolen a lot more frequently than most people think they are. In fact, one is stolen every 2-2.5 minutes through much of the western world. Update your locks by calling in an auto locksmith in Denver so your vehicle doesn’t fall victim to this kind of problem.

People Get Stolen Cars Back Fast

While some cars are recovered quickly, others aren’t recovered at all. In fact, the total number of cars that get recovered is going down, not up. So you might get lucky and get your stolen car back, but chances are good that it’s long gone.

No One Steals Old Cars

Actually, older cars are by far the most common victims of car theft. In fact, one of the most frequently stolen cars in the USA is a 1994 Honda Accord, followed by a 1995 Honda Civic. Thieves are looking for cars that are easy to break into and that tend to work well, rather than extremely valuable vehicles.

Most Car Thieves are Organized and Part of Theft Rings

Only about 25% of cars stolen are done so by professional thieves. The rest are taken by people who are looking for a good opportunity and feel like they’ve found one.

Cars Parked on Dark, Narrow Streets are More Likely to Get Stolen

Most cars are stolen from driveways and even from garages. If you leave your keys laying around, you make it even easier for a thief to get your car. If you lose keys, make sure you contact your locksmith in Denver to change those locks right away.

The Trusted Car Locksmith in Denver

At Colorado Security Products, we are your car locksmith in Denver. Call us anytime you need us, whether you’re locked out of your vehicle or you need help after a break-in. We’ll be there soon!