Common Home Security Myths

As your Denver locksmith, we know that many people believe things about home security that just aren’t true. Below are some of the most common myths we hear about, as well as the truth that every homeowner needs to know.

Living Rurally is Safer

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Living in the city is actually safer than living in the country! We know it sounds crazy, but statistics prove time and time again that people who live rurally are more likely to be involved in accidents and become victims of violent crime.

Stay safe regardless of where you live by installing a home security system in Denver and the surrounding areas!

Most Robberies Happen at Night

Thanks to Hollywood, most of us believe that burglars come at night so no one can see them. Actually, though, they tend to come during the day on weekdays. After all, that’s when most people are away from home at work, or at school, making it much easier to break in and steal things.

If you’re the victim of a robbery, call us for a lock replacement in Denver right away!

Most Thieves are Pros

People ask us if it’s worth it to install security cameras in Denver since they assume most thieves know how to get around them like they do in the movies. However, the truth is that the vast majority of burglars are NOT professionals. In fact, they may be desperate, strung out, or otherwise erratic. Most of these people won’t know how to avoid cameras and security systems.

That Lawn Sign Doesn’t Matter

Is it worth it to install a home security system in Denver? Studies show that that sign in your yard can be enough to deter thieves, especially if there are homes around that don’t have security systems. Most thieves will take an easier choice over a harder one, so make your home as difficult as possible to break into.

Burglars Won’t Return to the Scene of a Crime

Once a thief comes to your home, they are more likely to come back. It may be because knowing your home’s layout makes stealing easier, or because they know your home is easy to enter. That’s why you should always call for lock repair in Denver anytime there’s a theft.

Call CSP for Your Denver Home Security

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