How To Actually Secure A Door

While most home invasions take place because someone got a key they shouldn’t have, it can also behoove you to make sure your door is secure. That way, causal thieves can’t break it down easily.

If your home is broken into, call us at Colorado Security Products. We are the trusted Denver locksmith for more than 4 decades, and we can help you secure your home again.

This may involve installing a new home security system in Denver, upgrading your security cameras in Denver, and more.

Get a Solid Door

If your door doesn’t have a solid core, get one that does. If you want one of the strongest doors out there, get one made out of solid wood or steel.

Secure the Hinges

Get hinges that are made out of steel and secure them with long steel screws. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, we can help you get the best products you can afford.

Get a New Deadbolt Strike Plate

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If your deadbolt isn’t strong, call us to get one that is. We’ll perform a lock replacement in Denver to upgrade your home security quickly.

We can also perform a lock repair in Denver by replacing the screws holding your deadbolt in with stronger and longer ones. This marks it harder to break down your door.

Reinforce the Glass

You can add steel bars to decorative glass panes or cover them with a protective film. Both of these products help prevent thieves from kicking in your glass.

Add Support to the Doorframe

Most standard door frames are good when initially installed but may break down over time. Get one made out of hard, solid wood, or heavy metal for maximum security.

Consider a Security Bar

As your Denver locksmith, we offer a wide variety of security bars and barricades. These prevent the door from being opened or people from coming through it even if they do manage to break it down.

These vary greatly in size, strength, look, and more. Our security team can help you upgrade yours when you call us to help with your home security system in Denver.

Back-Up Your Door With a Home Security System

Get a good security system, too! This involves security cameras in Denver, as well as an alarm that will go off if your door gets broken down. We’ll help you find one that will be good for you.

Call CSP for Lock Replacement in Denver

If your home does get broken into, call us for a lock replacement in Denver or a lock repair in Denver. At Colorado Security Products, we’ll help you feel safe at home again soon.