Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft In Denver

Did you know that hundreds of catalytic converters are stolen in Denver each year? It’s true! At Colorado Security Products, we want to help you avoid being the victim of these crimes.

What Exactly is a Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a part of your car that converts harmful gasses to harmless ones. They are good for the environment. As your car locksmith in Denver, though, we can tell you that they are difficult (if not impossible) to secure completely.

Why Would Someone Steal a Catalytic Converter?

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People steal catalytic converters because they contain valuable precious minerals. They are also relatively easy to access on many cars and they are not trackable or traceable. As your auto locksmith in Denver, we know that an experienced thief can take one off a car in seconds and sell it for quite a bit of money.

What Cars are In the Most Danger?

Any car built after 1974 that is powered by gasoline has a catalytic converter. Our emergency locksmiths in Denver tell us that vehicles that are higher off the ground are more likely to be targeted, simply because it’s easier to get to the converter and remove it quickly.

Additionally, hybrid vehicles may not run as hot as regular ones. Because of that, their converters may have more precious metals intact, which raises their value.

What Happens if Your Catalytic Converter is Stolen?

If your catalytic converter gets stolen, your car will make a roaring sound that may get worse when you push on the gas. Additionally, may smell or see more exhaust than usual, and the car may not accelerate or slow down evenly. In many newer vehicles, the check engine light will come on when the converter is removed.

Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts Before They Happen

Do your best to park in well-lit areas that have cameras and motion sensors on the vehicles at all times, especially at night. If your vehicle is particularly at risk, you may want to pay for manned parking even when that costs more. You may be able to install an anti-theft device on the converter itself, however, this doesn’t work on many models. Finally, you can paint your converter to make it less appealing to buyers, a cost-effective and reliable deterrent.

Call CSP For Help Securing Your Vehicle

At Colorado Security Products, we never want you to be the victim of a crime. If you are, though, we want to help you ASAP. We’ve been a trusted Colorado security company for 45 years and can help you secure your car from catalytic converter theft and other concerns. Call us to help secure your vehicle and sense of peace soon.