Prevent Porch Pirates In Denver With These Tips

Did you know that porch pirates are plaguing neighborhoods across the Denver metro area? It’s true! Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your home security in Denver. Here are a few ideas to stop porch pirates before they steal from you.

Note that, if you do experience a theft, you may need to call us for a lock replacement in Denver. We’ll get to you fast and get you new locks soon so you can feel safe at home again.

Install a Camera Doorbell

If you don’t have a Ring or similar doorbell, consider installing one. These also act as security cameras in Denver, so they may help you catch more than just porch pirates. In fact, police regularly use them to solve a wide variety of crimes.

Add Other Cameras and Extra Lights

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The more security cameras in Denver that you add, as well as the more lights, the less likely that porch pirates will strike and the more likely you will be to catch them if they do.

When it comes to upgrading your home security system in Denver in these ways, our team will make sure you get solutions that make sense for you. We won’t recommend lights or cameras that don’t end and we will be sure the system works well as a whole before we leave.

Get a Locked Porch Delivery Box

Put a box on your porch that locks once your packages are inside and your delivery person closes it. This helps with access control in Denver since people can’t steal packages they can’t get to.

These come in a wide variety of sizes, from large to small. We can help you install one based on the size of your porch and the size of packages you get the most often. Our team will make sure you get the addition to your home security system in Denver that will work best for you.

Know Your Neighbors

Get to know your neighbors and make sure they know you. This helps them identify people who don’t belong in or around your house. They may be able or raise an alarm even if you aren’t there, which could save your packages.

Secure Your Packages, Porch, and Home

Call us at Colorado Security Products anytime you need help thwarting porch pirates or with anything having to do with access control in Denver. We’ve been a trusted Colorado security company for 45 years and can help you secure your home or business from porch pirates or other concerns. Give us a call today and we’ll get to you soon.