How to Choose Fireproof Document Storage

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It can be hard to imagine it happening to you, but the truth is that disasters happen every day and they can occur suddenly, without any prior notice. If your house had a fire, would your important documents be protected? Or would you lose birth certificates, marriage licenses, passports, the deed to your house, and more?

Protect yourself in these worst-case scenarios by investing in fireproof document storage. There are a couple of different options, and you should choose the one that works best for you. We believe that it’s worthwhile for most people to invest in a fireproof safe, though a bag is better than nothing.

A Fireproof Document Bag

These are bags made out of fireproof materials. You seal your documents inside, and they should survive a fire (as long as it’s not too hot!). The bags are portable and easy to use. However, they don’t lock so your documents aren’t protected from theft. Most of them are not waterproof, either, so your documents would still be damaged in a flood even if they were safe in a fire. Also, some of these bags test better than others, so you’ll want to get one that has good reviews from people who have actually had to use it in extreme conditions.

A Fireproof Document Safe

These small safes don’t take up much room, but they are small enough that nearly everyone can find the space for one. Most of them are easy to use, with either key or combination based locking mechanisms so your documents are protected from theft even if you never have a fire. Some of them offer waterproofing, too, so your documents will be safe from all kinds of disasters.

Unless you live in a tiny house, we recommend finding a safe that’s right for you. For just a few dollars more than some of the bags, you can get complete document protection. Instead of just protecting them from fire, the safe protects them from theft and water, too. Most safes can also hold more than bags can, so you can protect more documents or store other things there that you wouldn’t want to have harmed in a disaster.

Ask For Help Choosing From Local Experts

Call us at Colorado Security Products for help finding the waterproof document storage solution that’s right for you. We will work closely with you to find a solution that holds all of your documents, that offers the type of protection you need, and that fits in your home and your budget. We’ll work with you until we get your document protection right!