What Not To Do When Getting a Gun Safe

Investing in a gun safe is one aspect of being a responsible gun owner. You can buy one from us at Colorado Security Products, your Denver locksmith and security company, or you can get one from a wide variety of places.

However, many gun safes are easy to break into, which not only puts your guns at risk but also means you may need to invest in a lock replacement in Denver. Avoid that by avoiding the following common safe problems.

Buying a Cheap Safe

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Safes can be cheap in a wide variety of ways. For instance, some of them are not even made of metal! Many are actually made of drywall, which is covered by plastic and then by the thinnest sheet of metal. Thieves can punch through these without much of a problem!

In order to avoid a gun theft and the ensuing safe replacement or lock repair in Denver, buy a safe that has concrete walls covered in thick steel. This will cost more than some safes but it will also actually keep your guns safe.

Refusing to Bolt it Down

Professional safe movers, like those at your Denver locksmith, know how to move even the heaviest gun safes quickly and efficiently. Your thieves may have this kind of background! For that reason, we recommend bolting your safe down, no matter what. In fact, the best safes come pre-drilled for this and should even have strong bolts designed for the particular model.

Buying the Most Expensive Safe

Many of the most expensive gun safes come with a wide variety of features that, while nice to have, don’t actually improve the safe’s functionality or protect your guns. Safes with LED lights, glossy paint, dehumidifiers, and bolts that look cool won’t add protection. Only lots and lots of steel will keep your guns safe.

Looking Only at Door Thickness

In years past, you could tell the thickness of the steel used on the safe by looking at the door. However, manufacturers have started putting other materials in the doors of their safes and only covering them with metal. Find out the actual thickness of the steel used on the safe, because your eyes can’t tell if they are looking at steel or something else.

Call Us For Safe Installation or Lock Replacement in Denver

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