Where You Should Put Your New Gun Safe

When it comes to gun safes in Denver, you want a safe that not only prevents your guns from being used inappropriately but is also hard to steal.

Note that, even if your safe has a good lock as confirmed by a Denver locksmith, it is likely possible to break into it or, in some cases, to carry away the whole safe. Here are some ideas about how to protect your home safes in the Denver metro area from damage and theft.

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Avoid Burglary

Thieves are most likely to search common areas and bedrooms. This means you should avoid putting your gun safes in Denver in these locations. Garages are also easily accessed by people who want to steal from you, so you may want to avoid putting your gun safe there, too.

If you do need to locate your safe in your garage, try to bolt it to the floor and consider building a closet around it. It’s better, though, if you can store your safe in the basement if you have one.

Avoid Damage in a Fire

House fires tend to start in the kitchen, where cooking occurs, or in the garage, where things like automobile and lawnmower fuel are stored. Thus, it’s best to keep your gun safes in the Denver metro area away from those locations.

You may also want to keep them away from any walls or ceilings that connect to those areas. Storing your safe above the kitchen or next to the garage may not be the best choice.

When it comes to fires, your Denver locksmith recommends putting your safe in a place with a concrete slab. Once again, your basement may be a good choice.

Avoid Water & Humidity Damage

The humidity in the room where you keep your safe will be roughly the humidity inside the safe. And some gun safes will not keep out standing or flood waters because they don’t have a watertight seal.

Your basement is still a good place to store your gun safes in Denver unless it is prone to flooding. If this is true, though, you may need to install a sump pump just to protect your house. After that, your gun safe will be secure there, too.

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