Common Security Camera Myths

Unless you work with security cameras regularly, you probably only know about them via television and movies. Unfortunately, much of what you might learn from those sources isn’t true. Here’s the truth about security cameras in Denver, from your security system experts at Colorado Security Products.

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Security Cameras See All and Know All

Most security cameras actually have a limited view. They don’t move and most don’t have 360-degree lenses.

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Security Cameras Have Their Own Lights

Some security cameras come with night vision and others with motion sensor lights, but even these can benefit from additional lighting. It helps night vision cameras capture color and ensures there’s light even if the sensors don’t work.

All Security Cameras are the Same

When it comes to cameras for home security systems in Denver, there are a huge variety of options, like CCTV or systems with remote viewing, for instance. You need to find the ones that will work the best in your specific situation.

Security Cameras are Easily Hackable

Cameras connected to the internet CAN be hacked, but it’s no easier or harder than hacking anything else that’s online. With the right security in place, your images are still safe.

Wireless Cameras Don’t Need Wiring at All

While wireless cameras can get online without an extra cable, they do still need wiring to get electrical power. Your electrician or expert in security camera installation in Denver can help with that!

Dummy Cameras are Just as Good at Deterring Criminal Activity

It’s actually pretty easy to see when a camera is fake, and criminals are trained to do this. If the camera looks outdated, doesn’t have the right wires, or is placed oddly, they’ll know it’s likely not real.

You Can Put a Security Camera Anywhere

While you CAN put a camera anywhere, it will only be helpful in a few locations. Experts in home security systems in Denver can help you find the best location for yours.

Security Cameras Cost Too Much

This used to be true, but now there are security cameras in Denver at all sorts of price points. As the technology grows, these cameras will only get less expensive, not more.

Low Quality Images Can Always be Enhanced

Enhancing images is a lot easier in Hollywood than it is in real life. If you have concerns about image quality, make sure to include high-definition cameras when you do your security camera installation in Denver.

Some Areas Don’t Require Security Cameras

Crime is going up, so it’s a good idea to have security cameras no matter where you live. You can also use them to monitor children or pets, to see who is knocking on your door, or to monitor package deliveries.

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