Where to Position Security Cameras

Investing in security cameras is a good start, but putting them in the right places is crucial if you want to fully protect your property and home. Because every home is different, your exact needs may vary. Generally speaking, though, the following places exist in most residential homes and should be covered by cameras.

Where to Install Security Cameras

The Front Door

Burglars love entering homes through the front door. Installing a security camera here helps deters criminals and allows you to see anyone who tries to gain access. A camera at the front door also helps reduce package theft. Just remember to install it out of reach.

The Back Door

Many intruders prefer the privacy entering through the back door or side door. If you have a back or side door, it’s a good idea to install a camera there as well.

Hidden Windows

Windows that are visible from the street usually are not prime targets for home invaders, but hidden windows are more appealing. If you have windows that are located on the back of your home or hidden from view by landscaping, consider installing cameras.

Back Yard

Whether you have an outdoor living space or you store your lawn mower and tools in the back yard, it’s important to install a camera if you want to prevent theft. Invest in motion sensors and a camera that will sweep the area to keep an eye on your belongings.

Security cameras are a great way to deter criminals and watch over your home and property. Installing them in the correct place is vital, though. From making sure your cameras are installed in legal locations to ensuring that they capture the most important areas of your home and property, the expert security technicians at Colorado Security Products do it all. For help with security camera installation in Denver, contact us today!