4 Back-to-School Safety Tips

Back-to-school feel more like back-to-worrying? It doesn’t have to! While safety inside the school is ultimately the responsibility of the school district, there are several steps parents can take to keep their kids a bit safer as they head back to school. Here are a few back-to-school safety tips to ensure a safe school year.

Top 4 Back-to-School Safety Tips

1.      Understand (and Follow) School Security and Safety Measures

Schools have procedures to keep kids and staff safe. Make sure you’re aware of them and abide by them at all times. Common procedures include signing in and out when visiting the school, wearing a visitor pass or being escorted by a staff member when you’re inside the building. Following these rules helps keep everyone safe and sets an excellent example for your kids.

2.      Learn the School’s Emergency ProceduresBack-to-School Safety Tips

Check out the student handbook to review your child’s school’s emergency procedures. Take a few extra minutes to go over this information with your family to ensure that your kids know what to do in the event of an emergency. Familiarizing yourself with how the school handles emergencies will also help you understand what you need to do as a parent during certain situations.

3.      Let the School Know About ANY Health and Emotional Concerns

Whether your child has been a victim of bullying, has a food allergy or has any type of physical, mental or emotional disability, keep the school in the loop. Make sure the principal, teachers and other staff members have the information they need to keep your children safe.

4.      Talk to Your Kids About Safety and Security

No matter how old your kids are, they’re never too old to talk about safety and security. Be specific, and make sure they know what to do in an emergency situation or if they don’t feel safe. Remind younger kids about the dangers of accepting rides to or from school with strangers, and consider deciding on a “safety word” that a trusted adult will use if you need to have them pick up your child.

Bonus Tip: After School Safety

If your kids will be spending some time home alone after school, there are a number of solutions to help them stay safe until you return home. Security cameras and a home security system are must-haves when it comes to providing parents with some much-needed peace of mind. For help improving your home’s security, contact Colorado Security Products today!