Best Places to Put a Panic Button

Your home security system can do a lot more than just protecting your doors and windows when you’re away from home and the system is armed. By adding a panic button – or buttons – to your system, you can rest assured knowing that your home and family are protected when you’re home regardless of whether the system is armed.

When activated, a panic alarm immediately notifies the authorities. Depending on your preferences, pressing the button can trigger a siren to scare off intruders or a silent alarm that only notifies the authorities.

Panic buttons can be placed anywhere in your home, but some locations are better than others. Do you know where to put a panic button? Here is some helpful advice from your Denver security experts.

Where to Put a Panic ButtonBest Places to Put a Panic Button

Many homeowners opt to put panic buttons in bedrooms, right next to their beds. This ensures that if you hear an intruder in the middle of the night, you can immediately sound the alarm. Your nightstand is a great place to put a panic button.

You may also want to consider putting panic buttons in your kids’ bedrooms. Just be sure to explain the button to them and make sure they know that it is only to be pushed in a real emergency.

Bedrooms aren’t the only places that are ideal for panic buttons. Consider places where you frequently spend a lot of time, especially alone. Do you spend a lot of time working in a home office? If so, you may want to consider mounting a panic button under your desk.

Is there anything that makes you feel more vulnerable than being in the shower or bath and hearing a strange noise inside your home or hearing you dog start going crazy? By installing a panic button in your bathroom, you’ll be able to call for help even when you’re feeling especially vulnerable.

Panic Button Installation in Denver

Are you ready to invest in panic buttons for your home? For panic button installation in Denver, trust Colorado Security Products. Whether you already have a security system that you’d like to upgrade or you’re investing in a new security system, we can help. For a customized security solution for your home, call 303-756-1000.