Home Security vs. Office Security

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Are you looking for a home security system or one for your office? While home security and office security share some characteristics in common, your business may have a lot more security needs than your home does, depending on what you do and the size of your company. Here’s what you need to consider to find the right security system for you.

Physical Security

Both home and office security focus primarily on physical security. That means securing a building, its contents, and the lives and well being of the people present. At home, physical security means that you know your home will not be vandalized or broken into and that you feel safe being there.

At work, physical security means that you know your building will not be broken into, or you have a plan in place for what will go on when that happens. It also means that you and your employees feel safe being there and you feel like your personal belongings are safe there, too. It means that any machinery or vehicles you have are safe, and that you have safe ways to store whatever you need to store.

While security for a small business or one that doesn’t take up much space, like an accountant’s office, can be similar to security for a home, business security is often more complex than home security is.

Often, this means installing more of the same components when building a security system. Instead of using a single camera to monitor the front of the building, like you might do at home, you may need several, spread out over a larger area, to make sure that none of your equipment is stolen or damaged at work.

Sometimes, it means using or installing completely different types of security. For instance, many businesses hire a security guard to patrol the premises at night, while very few homeowners have need for that kind of security. You may also want to consider controlling access to your business via keycard or keypad, but most homeowners don’t use that kind of security.

Data Security

Everyone is worried about keeping their data secure these days, and that’s true for personal data as well as business data. However, if you keep data at a physical location on your premises at work or you have terminals that can access data there, you may want to take extra precautions there that you wouldn’t take at home. After all, you can be held liable if someone’s privacy is breached!

This can mean doing anything from restricting access to certain areas to doubling down on physical security. You may want to set up security doors, complete with lockdown capability and alarms. Every computer should have a password, and you may want to background check employees with access to different locations.

If you would like some help setting up security for your home or business, call us at CSP today! We’ll send out an expert to consult with you and help construct the security system you need!