How Do Security Systems Work?

Security Systems And Their Components

Security Systems require a keypad
Many security systems require a keypad

Though there are many different types of security systems, they all work on the same basic principle of securing entry points, such as doors and windows, and interior spaces that contain valuable items like electronics, guns, art and collections. Regardless of whether you are securing a home or business and no matter how big or small the property is, the main components of the security system remain the same; the only real difference is the number of components installed throughout the home or business.

 Security System Components

A standard security system is a network of integrated electronic devices and a central control panel connected to each other and working together to protect a home or business against potential intruders and burglars. Typically, security systems include the following components:

  • A control panel that acts as the main controller of the system
  • Sensors installed on windows and doors
  • Interior and exterior motion sensors
  • Security cameras, which may be wired or wireless
  • A siren or alarm
  • Yard sign and window stickers

How Security Systems Work

Security systems work on the basic principle of securing the entry points into a home or business using sensors that communicate with a control panel that is installed in a convenient, easily-accessible location.

The control panel is used to arm and disarm the system and communicates with each of the installed security components, including sensors, cameras and motion detectors. When one of the components is tripped, the alarm is sounded, and information is relayed to an alarm monitoring system. Each component is designed to monitor spaces in different ways.

Window and Door Sensors

Window and door sensors consist of two parts that are installed adjacent to each other. One piece is installed on the window or door, and the other is installed on the window sill or door frame. When the window or door is closed, the two parts of the sensor touch each other, forming a security circuit.

If the security system is armed, and a door or window with a sensor is suddenly opened, the control panel interprets this as a breach of security. This trips a high-decibel alarm, and most security systems automatically notify the alarm monitoring company.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors work by creating an invisible area that, when entered, sets off an alarm. These sensors are most commonly used in rooms where valuables are stored. When motion is detected in a secured area, the alarm is tripped.

Surveillance Cameras

Security Systems Can be great for crime preventiton
Security Systems Can be great for crime preventiton

Surveillance cameras are important components in many security systems. They are available in both wireless and wired configurations, and they can be used in a number of ways. Surveillance cameras are commonly used to monitor hard-to-see areas, remote buildings such as garages and barns, and entry points.

Surveillance camera feeds can be easily accessed using your smartphone, tablet or computer, making them especially convenient for monitoring your home or business even when you are away. They also provide a convenient way to keep an eye out for deliveries and service personnel.

In the event of a break in, surveillance cameras can be extremely useful in helping law enforcement identify the suspects.


The alarm component of your security system has a couple different purposes. First, it lets anyone inside the building know that a security breach has occurred. Secondly, loud alarms tend to send burglars running. Finally, the alarm lets your neighbors know that there is trouble nearby.

Yard Sign and Window Stickers

A yard sign and window stickers may seem like simple marketing tools for your alarm company, but they actually play an important role in the security of your home or business. These tools let potential intruders know that your property is secured and not a wise target. Because they can help keep would-be burglars at bay, they should always be used as your security company recommends.

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