Lesser-Known Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

You already know to keep your doors and windows closed and locked, especially at night and when you’re not at home. Maybe you’ve even invested in some security cameras. You know there are several ways to keep your home and family safe, and you have likely taken several steps to do just that. No matter how diligent you are, though, there could still be some ways to keep your home secure that you have never thought about. Let’s take a closer look at some lesser-known ways to keep your home secure.

Install Your Keypad in a Secure Location

Installing your security system’s keypad near the door is convenient and likely saves you a few minutes in your daily routine. Doing so is the most convenient option for thieves too, though. If the keypad is located near a window, a smart criminal can wait outside in the shadows and watch when you enter your combination. With this knowledge in hand, he can sneak into your home and disarm the system without tripping the alarm.

Install your keypad in a location that is convenient for you to access but hidden away from prying eyes. Keypads should never be placed in areas that can be seen from outside your home, so look for a spot that is away from windows and doors. A home security company can help you determine the best location.

Use Decoys to Keep Real Valuables Safe

When a thief enters your home, he will likely head straight for the master bedroom. Why? Because this area is where many homeowners keep valuables like jewelry, credit cards and even cash. Keep your valuables hidden away in secure locations that are not obvious, but place “decoys” in plain sight.

For example, keep your expensive jewelry hidden away, and store costume jewelry in your jewelry box or even on top of your dresser. You could also keep your real wallet securely hidden and leave a decoy wallet filled with empty gift cards in plain sight. Thieves want to get in and out of homes quickly, so they will most likely grab the decoys without further searching.

Eliminate Hiding Places keep your home secure

Keeping up with your landscaping could keep burglars at bay. Overgrown shrubs and grass make it easier for criminals to sneak onto your property and enter your home undetected. Keep your grass and bushes trimmed, and if you’d like to have larger plants on your property, opt for thorny shrubs that make unappealing hiding places.

Install lights in dark corners of your property as well. It is much harder for someone to lurk in the shadows if there are no shadows in which to lurk.

Maintain Your Privacy

Burglars are experts when it comes to tracking a target’s movements and learning their schedule. This allows them to determine exactly when the homeowner will be away. If possible, park your car inside your garage. This makes it more difficult for someone to keep track of when you are coming and going. Use smart lights to make it look like you are home even when you are away.

Don’t post on social media when you are not home – especially when you are on vacation. Make sure your profiles are private and can only be viewed by friends. Also, be careful of who you accept friend requests from.

If you keep a GPS in your car, don’t use your specific address as your home location. Instead, choose a park or business that is located near your home. Keep insurance and registration documents in your wallet or purse instead of in your vehicle. This ensures that if someone breaks into your car, they won’t have easy access to your home address.

As thieves become smarter and technology becomes a more central part of our daily lives, new opportunities arise that could put your home at risk. By employing some of the lesser-known techniques for securing your home and your belongings, you can outsmart criminals who think they have seen every trick in the book. Of course, even when you apply the tips listed above, you need to be proactive about things like making sure you have a home security system and investing in safes to protect your valuables. If you need help securing your home, contact the experts right here at Colorado Security Products. You can reach us by calling 303-756-1000.