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Camera Controllers

Many modern security cameras come with a pan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, function. Unfortunately, this useful feature is completely useless if you do not have the ability to control it. To control your security camera and perform functions like panning, tilting and zooming, you need a camera controller. Camera controllers for PTZ cameras come in a couple different forms, though the most common features a joystick that allows you to operate your camera.

At Colorado Security Products, we offer all the security products and accessories you need to secure your home or business, including camera controllers.

Camera Controllers in Denver

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Most camera controllers feature a 3-axis joystick that allows you to change the view on your camera. Using the joystick, you can pan, tilt or zoom in on a particular area when viewing the footage from a remote location. We also offer camera controllers with buttons instead of a joystick.

PTZ camera controllers generally feature a small keyboard as well, and many can be hooked up to secondary keyboards. Whether you need to control one camera or several, there are controllers that are capable of meeting your specific needs.

Why Camera Controllers Are Important

A camera controller allows you to harness the full power of your PTZ enabled security cameras. These cameras are some of the most versatile in the world of security because they can be used to scan large areas and zoom in on targets that are difficult to see. They are excellent for just about any surveillance application because of their versatility and ability to see what stationary cameras cannot.

Without a camera controller, it is impossible to use all of the features that make PTZ cameras so powerful. It is extremely important to purchase a controller that allows you to use your cameras to their full potential.

At Colorado Security Products, we are experts when it comes to security. If you need a camera controller or you are interested in learning more about PTZ security cameras and how camera controllers work, please contact us today.